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Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Gingham

Can you believe we’ve reached the final week in our series The Top Fashion Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom? Five weeks have flown by! This week we’ll show you how to take gingham and rock it out! We looked for gingham at 4 different stores before finding anything…I thought this was a trend…that Read More

Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Denim

Tiffany and I were at it again!! Bringing you another one of this year’s top fashion trends for the real mom, denim! This trend is perfect through fall and winter, a great denim Jacket goes with everything!! But wearing it in the spring and summer can be tricky!! This is how we did it! In Read More

Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Floral

It’s time to show you how every mom can wear Floral!! This is another top 5 trend of 2015! I love floral; it’s so girlie and romantic!! This boymom needs to find every opportunity to sneak girlie into my life! Why not do it in a fun and cute way? My favorite fashion guru and nail artist Read More

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Top 5 Trends of 2015 For the Real Mom

Fashion Friday It’s Fashion Friday and I want to talk trends! Let’s face it girl, sometimes being a mom and being trendy is hard!! I have thoughts of corduroy bell bottoms and acid wash jeans flashing through my mind as we speak! EEEWWW!!! Dont’ worry I won’t let you fall into trend craziness! I’m here Read More