About Me

You may not be a boymom, but let’s face it, being a MOM is hard! Sometimes it’s easy to lose ourselves a midst the sleepless nights, puke, poop, cooking, cleaning, and that’s just the short list 😉 This is a place for you to come and read about accessories, fashion, fun, and to remind yourself there’s still a FABULOUS girl inside those t-shirts and sweatpants, and she is dying to come out!! Now you’re wondering who is this boymom?? Well, Hey guys! I’m Tabitha! I’m a mom of 3 little boys, I’ve been a jewelry stylist for 5 years, I have an obsession with hair bows, and I adore shoes! I love all things girlie, but can be a little bit of a tomboy too! I was the kind of girl that would stomp you on the basketball court, but in a pair of sparkly Nike’s 🙂 I’m pretty sure this is the reason God made me a Boymom! I’ve got this weird balance between loving fart humor (I mean who doesn’t love a whoopee cushion, I laugh e-v-e-r-y time), and loving accessories, and sparkles, and vintage, and anything Pink!!!

I will say, it’s great to be the only girl amongst all boys! They treat me like a princess, except those times they treat me like a maid, cook, chauffeur, the list goes on, you know the drill; we’re moms! We’re Domestic Princesses 😉

So when you want to escape from the craziness of your domestic castle for a bit, and come live in the land of tiaras and princesses, check out my latest fashion and accessorizing tips in my Fashion Section

If you just want someone to empathize with you and validate everything your feeling as a mommy, check out my Domestic Princess Section

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