5 Tips For Finding Fashion at a Thrift Store

Shopping at a thrift store can be overwhelming! There are so many different racks of random items! Some are terribly outdated and worn, but there are some amazing finds hidden right there next to your grandpa’s 1970’s corduroy pants! The hunt can be so much fun, especially when you do it with a friend! Tiffany and I teamed up again to hunt down some great thrift store finds to bring you some real mom fashion this week! You have to check out the outfits I put together below, the fun, versatility, and just plain cuteness of them all makes me sooo excited! If you don’t know how to find great thrift store pieces, be sure to check out my top 5 tips for finding those diamonds in the rough below!

Thrift Store Meets my Closet

Thrift store jacket and t-shirt 4 looks Thrift store coral dress - 2 ways

      1. Location! Location! Location! This is as important in thrifting as it is in real estate! Find your favorite thrift stores in the high end of town; you will have better merchandise to choose from, more name brands, and less wear and tear! You might be surprised by some of the designer shoes and handbags you can stumble upon, so pick your target store carefully!
      2. Time is a Factor! Give yourself plenty of time. There is so much to hunt through when you are at a thrift store. If you find yourself rushed, you will miss some really good items. You’ll also end up taking home items that are in poor condition, because you couldn’t look over everything carefully! This takes us to number three.
      3. Be Picky! Don’t be afraid to be extra picky. Look over every piece of clothing you’re interested in; check them for snags, holes, tears, and staining. I always go in for the arm pit “sniff” test! Gross I know, but that smell is something you can never get rid of! Avoid those items that are outdated. Your Grandma donated it for a reason….do not take it home!
      4. Have a Plan! If you’re shopping for a specific event or occasion, make a list of the items you need, this will help you get through the never ending racks quickly and efficiently. If you’re just shopping for fun, check your closet, know the basic pieces you have, glance at your accessories, belts, jewelry and shoes. This knowledge will help you pick pieces of clothing that you can make multiple outfits with! See the pictures above; I made 5 different outfits out of 3 thrift store pieces! 
      5. Bring Hand Sanitizer! I’m serious…..this germaphobe is armed with sanitizer. There are some icky things you may run into when thrifting, be prepared! This brings us to the place where I mention, Lysol any shoes before trying them on, and avoids items like undergarments and swim wear! No amount of hand sanitizer is going to help in those departments ;)Do you thrift? Comment below with your best ever thrift store find!! Don’t Forget to check out my Facebook page to stay up to date on all my fashion adventures! If you love the Vintage Inspired Jewelry, you can get it here my stylist # is 175!

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