Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Floral

It’s time to show you how every mom can wear Floral!! This is another top 5 trend of 2015! I love floral; it’s so girlie and romantic!! This boymom needs to find every opportunity to sneak girlie into my life! Why not do it in a fun and cute way? My favorite fashion guru and nail artist Tiffany joined me for a morning of shopping, with our kids in toe, of course!! We found so many great floral trends for the REAL MOM at a place where every mom shops, Target!! We put all of our floral fashion trends together for you in this fun video! We show you how to take floral and dress it up, how to dress it down, the do’s and some crazy don’ts!! Check it out!!!



Here are a few more floral trend ideas just for you!! And a sneak peak of some of the images from the video! Every Real Mom can do floral, there are so many great choices!

How to Wear Floral

Floral Don'tsFloral Do's

So, Tell me what you think in the comments below….Is floral for you???
Check out all five trends we will feature in this series!

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