Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Denim

Tiffany and I were at it again!! Bringing you another one of this year’s top fashion trends for the real mom, denim! This trend is perfect through fall and winter, a great denim Jacket goes with everything!! But wearing it in the spring and summer can be tricky!! This is how we did it!

In this first look, we simply added light weight Denim Accents! We know, layers are a must-have for spring, the day starts chilly, gets warm, then ends on a cool note, so if you have a great light weight denim shirt you can add and remove layers throughout the day. Denim is also a great neutral, so it will go with just about everything. We’ve also showed it paired with both our floral & bohemian trends, you need denim!

Denim Accents
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In the look above we talked about denim as an accent, but did you know it can be the star of the show, too? I am dying over this button down denim dress!! I would wear it anywhere, I heart it!! Paired with a pop of pink underneath, and statement jewelry, this is the day dress you’ve been waiting for! Now, we can’t go on without talking about my girl, Tiffany! I mean she’s wearing a denim jumpsuit!! This is soooo not my style, but when she adds that orange striped button down, and some gorgeous jewelry, I start to think maybe…someday…when I grow 3 or 4 more inches, I could rock that baby out!! I love that our styles are completely different, but we balance each other out! That’s what all great mom’s do; we find those friends who happen to be the Jelly to our Peanut Butter!

Let's Talk Denim
|Clothes| JCPenney |Jewelry| Plunder by Tabitha |Nail Art| Tiffany’s Jamberry

Would you wear that jumpsuit? I have to know?
What about Denim all together? Is this a trend for you?
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