Getting Through the Hard Mommy Moments!

Are you ready for one of those empathizing, validating mommy moments?? Well here it is, big time!! I’ve had sick kids for almost 4 weeks straight! All 3 of my boys have contracted E-V-E-R-Y single sickness that has gone through our school, our church, and the Chik-Fi-La Play place. (Don’t judge me, we eat fast food, and play in play places. That’s where this mommy finds her sanity. I talk to other mommies, while our children play in the filth otherwise known as the play place. Every germaphobe bone in my body despises these places, but every brain cell trying to find sanity through a crazy day, LOVES them). My 3 boys have not been sick at the same time in the entire 4 weeks. Instead, it’s been painful and slow, each one gets sick just as the other is finishing it up, so I get to enjoy the long grueling hours on repeat! It’s been simply joyous!

This is where it gets really good! Spring break started this week and my parents are here to visit, I haven’t seen them for 3 months! I had visions of vacation fun, shopping with my mom, visiting the beach, taking the kids to do fun activities, oh it would be glorious!!! I thought, we’ve had every virus going around, there isn’t one left to have, and it will be the best week!! Those dreams came crashing to an abrupt halt the very first night of their visit. We were all at a restaurant and my very warm 4 year old leans over to say, “Mom, I have diarrhea in my pants.” (If this word bothers you, fair warning I would stop reading this post) As we rushed to the bathroom, he definitely had some “poop issues” going on, let’s just say those underwear went straight into the trash, I was not transporting them to the washing machine!

Everything went downhill from this point. He threw up all night long and continuously cried about his ear hurting. After a quick run to Urgent Care, because of course this always happens on a weekend, we have a confirmed “very bad, ear infection”! He was sick the entire day, but started keeping some food down in the afternoon, just as child number 2 started running a temp and complaining of an ear ache. These poor children, who has ear infections and a stomach bug at the same time??? Through the night, boy number 3 had the “1 a.m. splash” as one of my fellow mommy friends has affectionately named it; moms you know what I’m talking about! In the middle of the night your child comes running into your room (which is usually the opposite direction of the nearest bathroom) to tell you they need to throw up, and mid-sentence they “splash” all over the floor, that’s if you’re lucky, I’ve had it all over my face before. What a wonderful way to be startled awake!!

So my parents have been here for four days now, and we’ve been stuck in the house the entire time, we only have a few days left, and I have VERY different visions running through my mind. The vision goes something like this, all of the kids are finally well, and they’re running around like crazy people with cabin fever from being inside for the past 4 days, and now my parents and I are sick for the rest of their Spring break visit. I just know one of us is bound to wake up in the night puking our guts out! But hopefully we’ll make it to the toilet! Maybe I should surprise one of my children in their rooms with the “1 a.m. splash”! 😉


Just a quick post to let you know that you are not alone, Mommy!! In all the craziness that we’re going through here, God had tremendous grace on me, by sending my parents here through this yuckiness. After all the sickness we’ve experienced, I’m not sure I could’ve handled this stomach bug on my own! There are times being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but finding humor in it, and some small things to be thankful for, really help me get through. There are times when a trial feels like it will never end! But I promise it will!!! You will make it out alive!

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If you want to share what you’re going through below, this is a place for empathizing and a little validation! I would love to listen to you vent!
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