Top Trends of 2015 for the Real Mom – Bohemian

Let’s Talk Bohemian For The Real Mom

I’m sooooo excited to tackle the Bohemian style in our very first post of this series! If I must be honest, it was the hardest trend to win me over, but it did!! All I had to do was get out of my comfort zone and try it! I’m going to show you how to take the trendy Bohemian style and make it your own. I know this trend can sound scary, thoughts of Woodstock are running through your mind…but think about it like this: if you L-O-V-E your yoga pants, this is hands down the #1 trend for you to try!! Can someone say Palazzo pants and Maxi dresses! Hello there stretchy waistbands. Need I say more! Mmmhhhmmm… Now I’ve got your attention! This trend was made for you, momma!! Can you believe these pants, formerly known as pajama pants, were given a new name and the “o.k.” to wear in public?? If you pair it with a great denim jacket or vest, which is another trend this season, no one will suspect you’re stylin’ in comfort!! Check it out…..

Bohemian 1 finished

These Adorable outfits were brought to you by Kohl’s from head to toe, not exactly budget conscience, but oh sooo cute! Maybe you’re looking to tackle this trend on a budget! Why not add 1 or 2 trendy items to what you already own! This is exactly what we did in our second look!! Tiffany and I both, took our own cute skinny jeans and some fabulous vintage inspired jewelry and put 2 different looks together that are affordable and right on trend! Frugal momma’s you can do trendy too, this one’s for you….

Bohemian 2 finished

If you still can’t wrap your mind around the Bohemian style and how it will work for you, here are a few more ideas…..
deim&bohemian style board watermarkBohemian style board watermark

So, Tell me what you think in the comments below….will you give Bohemian a try?

Check out all five trends we will feature in this series!

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  • Dawn

    love me some boho!

  • Dionna

    I’m reading this and watching the Bachelor while they’re in Bali. Similar clothing and patterns and super cute on these girls… I may have to check out some maxi skirts. The pants still scare me but the comfort aspect is definitely drawing me in!!

    • tabithasjewelry

      I think you will love, love, love the Palazzos!! I was so scared of them too!! But was amazed at their cuteness factor! Short girls like us just need to pair them with a taller shoe!

  • Cori

    You may have won me over! I think I will be trying this style. 🙂

    • tabithasjewelry

      YEAH!!! I know you will rock a Maxi dress, maybe we can try Palazzo’s together, they would be so comfortable for your preggo tummy 😉

  • Jaby Sanders

    So before I actually read this last night I had pulled out my palazzo pants and threw on a denim jacket. Lol. Jeff said no one wears denim jackets anymore, but I told him I loved it together. So apparently I do have some style! Lol

    • tabithasjewelry

      You were right on track!! Denim is a top trend this year too!! Denim works so well with everything! Rock that Denim Jacket girl!!

  • Kate Brotherton

    Love these looks!

  • tabithasjewelry

    I love that GW boutique, it really should go nationwide 😉 by the way, we are going to do a recreation at a GW coming soon!!! EEEKKK!

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